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Here is a selection of edited audio clips from some of our oral history interviews.  These have been conducted with various residents and other individuals so far within the project where they live.  Whilst the overall theme is of ‘work’ within the borough the individuals taking part are encouraged to freely talk about any related memories or anecdotes that they feel are of importance to them and which others might also find of interest.


Kind thanks to all of those who gave their time to talk to us.


The participants contributing within these audio clips are:

David Luff (Colliers Wood), Zigi Sinnette, Jim Goddard, Sandra Hall, Ian Veacock, Joyce Veacock, Lorraine O'Halloran, Frank Starkey, Vera Starkey, Helen McNamara (High Path), Mark Pickett (Watermeads), Brenda Josiah (Phipps Bridge), Arthur Brice, Wade Brice (New Close), Doreen Rigsby, Madeleine Healey, Ted Bates (Morden), Irene Burroughs (Mitcham), Lillian Long (Mary Tate Cottages, Cricket Green).

Explore the recordings below to hear people’s spoken history and recollections from years gone by.

Working at the Liberty Print Works in the 1950s & 1960s

David Luff

Colliers Wood

Historic Records of the Wandle Valley

Zigi Sinnette

Glebe Court

The Life of a Working Woman in the early 20th Century

Mark Pickett



Mitcham's Belt of Factories

Sandra Hall

Glebe Court

Family connections to Old Industries

Ian Veacock,

Joyce Veacock,

Lorraine O'Halloran

High Path

The workers community at The Liberty Works

David Luff

Colliers Wood

How Wimbledon and Micham have Changed Over The Years

Lorraine O'Halloran

High Path

Gilliat Hatfeild

Brenda Josiah

Phipps Bridge

Van Boy at Renshaw's 1936

Arthur Brice

New Close


Frank Starkey

High Path

New Home on the Edge of Urbanisation 1934

Doreen Rigsby


Mother's Job as a Seamstress & Royalty

Irene Burroughs


Corfield’s Saucepans & Artificial Legs

Helen McNamara

High Path

First Job as a Cobbler

Jim Goddard

Glebe Court

Growing Up in Mitcham

Lorraine O'Halloran & Ian Veacock

High Path

1940s at Liberty's

Lillian Long

Mary Tate Cottages, Cricket Green

Memories of the Farm

Madeleine Healey


Very Local Jobs

Vera Starkey

High Path

Palmers Iron Foundry

Ted Bates at Palmers

Morden Road

Factory Explosion & Redskin Village

Wade Brice

New Close

Downs Surgical Instruments

Wade Brice

New Close


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